U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that could get TikTok banned in America and Illinois residents had a lot to say about it.

I've been a TikTok user for nearly four years now and I don't really remember a life without it.  This creative platform has opened up an entire world of opportunities for so many people in the world, so it would definitely suck to see it go bye-bye.  I make money on TikTok, so to lose that income would be a bummer!

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To many, TikTok is just a "stupid" app where people do dumb dances for views, which is a completely valid stereotype considering that's how it started out.

Chinese Ownership Of TikTok Under Scrutiny Of U.S. Lawmakers, As Congress To Vote On Bill To Force Sale Of The Social Media App
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Through the "Pandemic era", TikTok took screen time to an entirely new level.  Users took full advantage of the free app and picked up new hobbies, learned how to speak another language, how to start a business, and even the simplest things like how to properly fold a bag of chips.  Not only are families, educators, and Influencers creating on TikTok, they're thriving with the amount of resources available to them.

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Knowing that the TikTok era could come to an end very soon isn't something to totally celebrate.  Though Illinois is a very "Instagram-dominated" state, we are still just as obsessed as California, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

What do Illinois residents really think about the idea of TikTok getting banned?  Here's what they say they'd miss the most.

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US And EU Ban TikTok From Staff Mobile Devices
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25 Reasons Illinois Residents Will Miss TikTok If It Gets Banned

  1. Booktok
  2. Adorable pet videos
  3. Sharing relatable TikToks with friends
  4. Cooking recipes
  5. The unbiased information
  6. TikTok Lives
  7. Celebrity videos
  8. Snippets of concerts we can't afford to attend
  9. Waiting on newest trends or challenges
  10. Video-bonding with our kids
  11. Amateur Comedians
  12. CraftTok & DIY inspiration
  13. Watching videos before bed
  14. Mental health awareness
  15. Makeup Tutorials
  16. Fashion TikToks
  17. Parenting hacks
  18. A look into other cultures
  19. Celebrity/Influencer scandals
  20. Unique places to travel
  21. Discovering new hobbies
  22. iPhone hacks
  23. Organizational TikToks
  24. Making internet friends
  25. Crime/Missing Persons news

I'll miss going viral with the most random videos.  My sister shared a TikTok of me in a cupcake costume in the Stroll on State Parade in Rockford, Illinois and it's a memory I'll cherish forever!  Though it's embarrassing, plenty of people got a laugh from it and so did I.  The power of TikTok!

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