It would be fair for you to pay for an Uber driver's car, or anyone's car, to be cleaned after you threw up all over it. But this isn't fair.

Uber drivers can charge you if you mess up their car with your lost lunch or late-night tequila shots. They then use that money to have their cars professionally cleaned. According to, recently some Uber drivers have submitted fraudulent photos of vomit that didn't happen to corporate and charged riders from $80-$150 for clean up. One driver in San Diego is even doing the cleaning himself and pocketing the money.

Uber’s default position is to side with its drivers, who supply photos of vehicle interiors spattered with vomit and other messes as evidence. Riders, meanwhile, report having a difficult time getting Uber to investigate complaints and issue refunds.

One rider in Australia, who had a similar 'vomit fraud' experience suggests taking a photo so you have proof of how the car looked when you exited.

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