The Halloween season wouldn't be complete if there wasn't something strange to report on to get everyone's heart aflutter.

Checking out Reddit, I was redirected to a site called, Phantoms & Monsters. The site is said to be "Your daily dose of paranormal, cryptid and alternative news."

Well, I'd file this one under "alternative" because the title of this post, in particular, is "Black-Winged Humanoid Encounter Near, Rockford, Illinois."

Lon Strickler shared the story from a former Rockford resident named Curt. He says he ran into something straight out of Jeepers Creepers.

Curt talks about driving his car down a gravel road north of Rockford when he and unnamed passenger noticed something rustling amongst the corn stalks on the side of the road.

all of a sudden, the corn literally parts open just to the right of us. This 'thing' steps out. It was the size of a large man and all black. As it walked out of the corn it was well illuminated by my headlights. It leaped and opened these huge set of wings, and instantly went airborne. It quickly flew right in front of my car and swooped up into the air as it reached the other side of the road.

What?! Curt said the creature "looked like it was covered in shiny black tar" and had a "weird sheen to it." Sounds terrifying.

Skeptical. Don't be. There were at least three more reported encounters out of Chicago with this mysterious winged creature.

What is it? Who knows. I do know I won't be watching Jeepers Creepers anytime soon. It seems too real at the moment.

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