One of the most photographed cars in the world is now for sale in Volo, Illinois, do you want a piece of Britney? 

The year was 2006.

We were all wearing jean capris with wedge heels, Nintendo just debuted the Wii and all eyes were on Britney Spears, who was spending a lot of time in her Mercedes Benz.

That Mercedes Benz lives in Volo, Illinois and it's up for sale for $69,998.

Why does the car live in Volo? A ton of fancy cars live there, at the Volo Museum.

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The Volo Museum recently shared a press release, announcing that Britney's car is for sale, calling the car one of the 'most photographed and videotaped cars in the world.'

Specifically the ca is a Mercedes Ben SLK 320 and when Britney owned the car, it lived a pretty busy life. Brian Grams, owner of the Volo Museum says while she owned the car, 'she blew through red lights, wreaked havoc at all hours of the night and smashed into another car in the parking lot.'

Britney started her conservatorship in 2007 and somehow her Mercedes landed in Illinois. Well Brian and his team bought it, and now they're ready to let you have a chance to buy it.

Richard Coyne Schultz | Volo Museum
Richard Coyne Schultz | Volo Museum

You Can Buy Britney Spear's 2006 Mercedes

The car is listed at $69,998 with a 268-horsepower, 3.5 liter V6 engine and an automatic transmission with black leather interior.

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The car only has 29,268 miles, with chrome wheels, tinted privacy glass and a convertible top.

That's actually a pretty good deal! You can check the car out in Volo at the museum at 27582 Volo Village Road, or online at

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