If you bought some ground beef from Walmart, you might want to ensure it hasn't been recalled.

That's because E. coli is said to have contaminated more than 16,000 pounds of multiple types of ground beef.


The release says the ground beef was produced by Cargill Meat Solutions on April 26 and 27 under various labels. They are:

  • 93% Lean 7% Fat All Natural Lean Ground Beef
  • Prime Rib Beef Steak Burgers Patties
  • 85% Lean 15% Fat All Natural Angus Premium Ground Beef
  • 80% Lean 20% Fat All Natural Ground Beef Chuck
  • 80% Lean 20% Fat All Natural Ground Beef Chuck Patties
  • 90% Lean 10% Fat All Natural Ground Beef Sirloin Patties

Each package of raw ground beef has the establishment number "EST/86P" printed on the back of the label.

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The release further states they "identified that previously segregated product had been inadvertently utilized in the production of ground beef."

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It sounds like a pile of bad ground beef was accidentally mixed in with the good-to-go ground beef. Am I wrong here?


Here's the good news: there have been no confirmed reports of "adverse reactions due to consumption of these products," which is corporate speak for "nobody got sick."

If you bought some of this ground beef recently and noticed it's on the recall list, throw it away or bring it back to the store where you purchased it.

You can read the rest of the Walmart ground beef recall here.

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