You'd think that if your own mother was the Living Legend behind "Work Bitch," the Sensual Seductress who gave us "Gimme More," and the Enchanting Mistress responsible for co-penning "Everytime," that you'd have a little respect for your Undisputed Princess of Pop Mom™. And that's where you're wrong, because Sean Preston and Jayden James, the children of Britney Jean Spears, are small terrors. And they're intent on scaring their poor mother.

They did it once last year already, stealing their mother's phone and causing her to experience mild (email my) heart failure while turning a corner in her home.

As one might say: oops...they did it again.

This time around, Preston and Jayden, called out angrily by name as you'll soon see, stole her phone once again (Britney, just keep it in your damn pocket), snuck up on the unsuspecting "Mmm Papi" performer while she was stirring up something on the stove (presumably her favorite, cheesy grits) and yelled.

Her scream (and shout) shaking response in pure, unrelenting terror is real, much like the time an unwanted fan stormed the stage during one of the Circus Tour stops in 2009.

But her boys seem unbothered by the fact — thrilled, even! — that they're keeping their mother thoroughly shook just weeks before her Asian tour kicks off in June. Happy Mother's Day, indeed.

Watch below. And watch your back, Brit.

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