Tickets for Katy Perry's 'Witness' tour go on sale to the general public Monday, May 22nd but you can win them this week with the Steve Shannon Show.

This week, to win tickets to see Katy Perry at the United Center in Chicago on October 24, you'll need to be driving on a particular Rockford road and ready to sing a line of a Katy Perry song. It's the...


Starting Tuesday morning (5/15) and every morning through Friday (5/19) there will be sign posted somewhere on Perryville Road in Rockford, Loves Park or Machesney Park. The sign will give you the number and the time call The Steve Shannon Show and then you'll have to sing the Katy Perry song lyrics printed on the sign. Here's what the sign you will have to find will look like:

Katy Perry Announces Tour, Here's How to Win Tickets from 97ZOK

There will be a different sign posted somewhere on Perryville Rd. each day during the contest.

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