When you're planning out fun things to do next year, carve out a spot for a road trip to Milwaukee, for bumper cars on ice.

Yes, bumpers cars on ice is real. I know, I was thinking the same thing when I first read this headline in the Journal Sentinel, bumper cars on ice? Really? Yes really.

Milwaukee will be one of the first places in the United States that has bumper cars on ice, which is currently only in Melbourne, Australia.

According to the article in the Journal Sentinel, tickets will be $30 each and include twelve minutes of bumper cars-ing and you'll get to hang in the themed bar, too.

We don't know where exactly it's coming but we do know it should be here by April.

Hopefully by then, we won't be in a frozen tundra in Rockford so a trip to Milwaukee for indoor ice bumper cars will be a fun idea.

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