When I was little and dreamed of being on the radio, I always wanted to be Terri Traen. She was the co-host of the KQ Morning Show and I just loved everything about her; she was funny, smart, witty and she took a lot of crap from the host of the show but did it with such grace. It was the gig I always wanted.

Fast forward to the beginning of my radio career back in 2011; I was playing polka music in the middle of a cornfield and reading farm news for a living. There were days I would question if I made the right move to give up my family and friends to make a career change so late in life and I almost quit; but then I got a call from....Terri Traen.

My dad met her at an event that she was doing in my hometown, he told her all about me and how I loved her and asked if she would call me. Unfortunately, I missed the first call but she left me an incredible message that I shared with everyone and listened to whenever I felt down; it meant so much to me and it still does.

I can only imagine that the Bryon girls basketball felt the same when when the entire team got a message from someone they admire, LeBron James. According to WREX, the team got the message because they're state champions and are a Nike outfitted team.
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The Lady Tigers have a game against Montini tonight with tip off at 7. Good luck, ladies.

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