Some Illinois drivers have way too much fun with their personalized license plates. Like road puzzles for us. I can't lie, this one took me a while to figure out.

Favorite Things To Do While In The Car

To the people that do this type of stuff to the back of their vehicles, let me say...


When my wife and I are in the car with our kids, these are three things that get us 'high-fiving' each other the most, and they are:

1. When all six of us agree on one place to go out to eat.

2. Me remembering the actual lyrics to songs.

3. Being the first one in the car to figure out someone's cleverly crafted vanity license plate.

This little 'road puzzle' game is not taken lightly by my crew. This is a competition, it's that simple. I wanted you to know that so you'd understand how happy I was to see this latest 'road puzzle' when I was alone. No pressure from all the backseat competition and it still took me quite a bit of time to figure this one out.

How Long Will it Take You to Figure Out This Illinois License Plate?

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No shame if you still haven't figured it out. I most definitely would've lost to someone in my car if I hadn't been alone. If you just can't get this one, shoot me a message with our app and I'll give you a hint. If you don't have it, get it now. 97ZOK App

Congratulations on your little victory if you figured it out. Now, share it with someone and put them to work.

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