Wisconsin's state business lobby wants to get rid of the popular license plates slogan. But is there anything worthy of replacing that?

Not sure if the business lobby was just bored Monday (10/16) or if they really think we need to change this slogan that's been on Wisconsin license plates forever.

What Should Replace 'America's Dairyland' on WI License Plates?

We asked on the show what could possibly replace the legendary slogan, and here are the best ones:

Land of the Cheeseheads

Smell The Dairy Air

Nobody Does It Butter

The Badger State

Curd Is The Word

Moving Forward (as in Mrs. Forward that is on top of the state capitol building)

I was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin and I hope it doesn't change. I'm proud of all the dairy products that come from my home state and I consume them often. But if it has to go, it better a good replacement. What would you suggest?

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