A Honda driver in Illinois has gone viral online because of their hilarious license plate and bumper decals you gotta see.

I honestly can't believe the internet is free.  The endless memes, comedy, and content people come up with are truly gifts from above - like this one post I found in a Facebook group along with everyone else and their mother.

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If you've ever driven around Illinois, you know you have seen a handful of hilarious license plates, bumper stickers, and window decals on peoples' cars.  My favorites are "Honk at me and I'll cry" or "Bestie please let me merge".  Lol, the honesty.

I don't know who the driver of this Honda Element is, but the fact that they put so much effort into the back of their car is too good not to share.


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This model, in my opinion, is already an ugly shape so I am beyond happy they spiced it up for other drivers to enjoy while traveling behind them.

After 1.3M likes, 21k comments, and over 177k later, some of the most-liked comments on the viral post were so positive, too!


"I love this person’s sense of humor." - Christopher H.

"I admire the commitment." - Jessica V.

"It's a gift that keeps giving. Love it!" - Angie C.

"Congratulations! You just won the internet." - Chris C.

I can't wait to get my own custom license plate.  I probably won't be as clever as this person, but it'll be just as funny... maybe.  Probably not.

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