Freeport, the pretzel city, is also home to seven 'famous' faces, do you recognize them?

Last night I was playing bar trivia at Aero Ale House and there was a category about famous people from Freeport.

Yes, Freeport, home to about 24,000 people and apparently seven famous peeps are from there.

Immediately I recognized Calista Flockhart and couldn't believe I didn't know she was from this side of the Midwest.

Mike from Rock Valley Pub Trivia put the whole thing together so kudos to him for totally stumping us.

Do you recognize anyone else?

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Honestly the only other person I managed to figure out was Jane Addams, and I googled Ravi Patel who is above Calista.

Do you know the rest?

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