When the cold weather rolls around, people in Illinois will do anything to defrost their windshields so they won't be late for work.  There's one method we should steer clear from.

You know the feeling: You wake up late for work, it's below zero outside, and you don't have time to warm up your car.  I'm totally guilty of trying anything and everything to get all the frost to melt from my windshield as fast as possible.

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From pouring hot water on it, to scraping the ice to no end, to the point of driving with little, to no, visibility out my windshield.  It's a struggle sometimes!


On Facebook, there's a meme going around of someone lighting candles inside their car and setting them on their dashboard to defrost their windshield.

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Even though it's a joke, we all know there's that one person out there who will actually attempt it.  Whether it's for views, to expedite the melting process, or just out of pure curiosity please save yourself the trouble and dangers this method might create.

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Illinoisans, Don’t Leave This Major Fire Hazard in Your Car

Don't ever light a candle, leave it on your dashboard, and try to defrost your windshield.  It's a safety hazard for not only you but your car, too.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.  I get it, but it's more about safety than convenience.  Plus, you don't want a cracked windshield!

If you really need to defrost your windshield every morning and know it's a burden, try to wake up a little bit earlier in the winter.  You'll be happier in the long run!

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