There are so many crazy things we've seen people in Illinois do while driving, but this might beat all of them.

What's the craziest thing you've done while driving?  Obviously, we should keep our eyes on the road at all times, but sometimes we're in a time crunch.  I've put mascara on while driving and it was probably the poorest decision I've ever made.  I poked myself in the eye with the mascara wand and ended up driving one-eyed for majority of my drive.

I've also seen people read a book, watch a movie, and attempt to eat a full meal while holding the steering wheel with their knees.

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Honestly, after seeing this video on Facebook, I think this might top all of that.  Not only is there one dangerous action being attempted, but two big no-no's!!!

It's Extremely Dangerous To Do This While Driving In Illinois

Imagine this: It's dead of winter, snow all over your car, and you wipe enough snow off the windshield to see out a tiny hole to drive. Been there!

It's so dangerous, but it's even MORE dangerous to drive in traffic with limited visibility out your front window while ATTEMPTING to clean off the windshield with a snow brush.

Yes, it really happened.  Take a look.

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I mean, I get it, but c'mon now.  Have some common sense and clean off the window before you leave the house!  It'll save you so much time and you won't be putting everyone's safety at risk.

The struggle is real, though.  Forreal.

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