While checking out of Costco in Loves Park, Illinois, I learned a secret about the items I buy most often not being in stock. My biggest frustration was put to rest.

The Worst Thing About Shopping at Costco

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I can't speak to any experiences you've had as a Costco member, but for me, there is really only one thing that irritates me about the store. Actually, that's not true.

There are two things that irritate me about shopping at Costco.

1. Why are the bulkiest things I buy most often the absolute furthest from Costco's front door? I know it's probably by design, but damn, cut a guy who had 2 knee surgeries this year a break. UPSIDE: All those steps helped me rehab after those surgeries

That's how I roll. There's always an "upside" to every situation. I get irritated, yes, but I get over it quickly because there's always an upside.

2. When one of your favorite products that you've come to enjoy having in your life just disappears.

I couldn't find what I most wanted (and needed) to pick up on this trip and was getting irritated while heading to check out. I asked a manager if they'd be getting more, and while he was getting me an answer, someone in the know shared a little-known fact about those 'favorite' items of ours. Here comes the upside.

Costco's Secret Price Tag Symbol

Getty, Canva
Getty, Canva

That little asterisk is a heartbreaker if you see it on the price tag for your favorite item. Even more so if the store is out of it.

If that symbol is in the upper right corner of the price tag, that item isn't being restocked. It may not be a permanent situation but it could be a long time before you see it again. If there are any left it would be a good idea to stock up.

UPSIDE: My item's price tag did not have an asterisk, so that means more of my favorite heavy whipping cream is on the way.

Costco Heavy Whipping Cream

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