For the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic and requirement to wear face masks began, I have found myself wanting to buy a decorative face mask, and it's all thanks to Carole Baskin.

I may have been a bit behind on the whole Netflix 'Tiger King' craze as I just finished the episodes a week ago, but I still hate Carole Baskin like the rest of the world does. She may be crazy. She may be vindictive. She may be one heck of a good liar, but she sure does have a cool catch phrase...and she sure knows how to profit from it.

Please allow me to introduce you to the new face mask I want to purchase today courtesy of Big Cat Rescue on Facebook;

Big cats like lions and tigers are my absolute favorite animals, so I feel like I need to have this face mask no matter how much it sickens me to pad Carole Baskin's wallet even further. As I write this, both styles of the Carole Baskin face masks are still available at, and they only cost $11 each.

To be fair, since these masks are being sold via a third party website, maybe Carole Baskin isn't making major bank from how many are sold. Instead I am choosing to believe the money will be going to the care of the big cats that I love, instead of Carole's bad flower headband fund.

Here's one last thing, just because this video makes me laugh HARD...

Have a great day, all you cool cats and kittens!

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