Three years ago I took my very first Metra ride into Chicago; the ride itself was pretty unvaried until we got closer and closer to Union Station.

I don't want to sound like a nerd or anything, but just as the train was rolling in, it was pretty clear that they were filming something along side some train tracks and I got all excited; they must be filming Chicago Fire, I thought.

As it turns out, it's not uncommon to see shows like Chicago Fire or or Chicago P.D. being filmed in and around the Windy City, in fact, according to DNA Info, those two shows are aiming to film in more Chicago neighborhoods.

Some of those neighborhoods are also featured in another popular TV show set in Chicago, Shameless. While a majority of the show is filmed in LA, the cast and crew set out for the Midwest and film exterior shots for about two weeks.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the cast it scheduled to be in Chicago from October 16 through the 20th.

The Tribune didn't mention where the filming will take place, but the Chicago Film Office might have all that info, in case you want to track them down for a celebrity sighting.

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