Ice Block, Icee for short, was brought into the Ark nearly frozen to death. He was found as a stray by a kind samaritan at their workplace. When they brought him in, his body was frozen; he was thin and it was very difficult to hear the sound of him crying.

Icee was quickly rushed to the Noah's Ark animal hospital where they treated him and warmed him immediately.

To everyone's surprise, Icee pulled through and he's now a sweet, happy, quiet and loving boy. He has truly captured the hearts of everyone at Noah's Ark with his affection and spirit of survival.

If you're looking for someone who's a true survivor, is sweet and is a wonderful companion, then please adopt Icee. He's ready for his forever promise.

If you’d like to meet Icee, please contact Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary at 815-962-2767 or visit 111 N 1st Street, Rockford, IL.

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