Well, it seems like the day has finally come.  Men are choosing a victory royale over a real life win - their marriage.  Fortnight has become the hottest thing since sliced bread, or at least that what a lot of people think.  I guess it's fun to play, maybe watch your friend play, but worth a divorce?  I don't think its THAT fun.

Credit Cycu1 via Youtube
Credit Cycu1 via Youtube

While were not sure if this problem has reached the United States yet (I can safely say I think it has), ABC7 says,

"At least 200 couples in the United Kingdom filed for divorce in 2018 while citing addiction to online survival game "Fortnite" and other online games as one of the reasons for their parting of ways."

Isn't that the most "2018" thing you've ever heard?  A blog post written by the divorce company says that couples sited "addiction to Fortnite" as a reason for wanting said divorce.  The company says that Fortnite has equated to roughly 5% of divorces in 2018.  So that's not a majority by any means, but it's 5% more than it should be.

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