Here is your big opportunity to save your relationship. A big study of female infidelity just revealed the top reasons it happens. 

As a man sharing this relationship study information with you, I have to be honest right up front with you. I read through the study's findings and what really stood out to me was that the biggest reasons a woman cheats, also seem like big reasons a man would, too.

Over 11,000 women, who use the dating app Gleeden, were surveyed in this study. What they discovered from their research is also supported by the Journal of Sex Marital Therapy.

The biggest reasons a woman cheats are:

  • 84 percent of women in the survey complained their partners are not giving them enough attention and compliments.

There is almost nothing more powerful than receiving a genuine compliment. It's a skill everyone should work to improve.

  • 82 percent of the survey participants said they need to feel appreciated and valued in their relationship, lack of which forces them to look elsewhere.
  • 77 percent of the women questioned said that those behaviors above are the primary reasons that brought them to stray away from their married life.

See what I mean. I think all humans long for the need to feel valued, appreciated and desired. These are the cornerstones of great relationships.


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