Stumping a comedian is pretty hard but a man named Tom managed to do it this week with a question about one of Charlie Berens' favorite topic, The Green Bay Packers. 

We are so lucky to have such great performers filling the Coronado Performing Arts Center here in Rockford. From my suburban perspective... where every time I wanted to see a musical, comedy show or play growing up I had to drive into the city and make a whole day of it practically, it's wonderful to be able to head to the Coronado now in Rockford and see the same incredible talents.

This weekend, Charlie Berens is taking over the Coronado with two shows on Friday night and I got the chance to talk to him about it this week on Good Day Stateline.

Seeing that we chatted right after the Packers destroyed the Bears on Sunday night, we obviously had to talk about the rivalry, as Charlie is a big Green Bay fan.

However, one of our GDS fans, Tom, managed to stump Charlie when it came to a Packers/Bears question... is it possible to even answer Tom's question?

He asked, 'If the Bears and Packers switched uniforms, would the Packers beat the Bears in Bears uniforms?'

I know, I had to read it a few times, too, and I haven no idea what the answer is.

I do however, know I must see Charlie Friday night, because it seems like his show will be so much fun.

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