Your handmade scarves, hats and gloves could make winter a lot warmer for Rockfordians.

Chase the Chill has been in Rockford for just under three years and they are in need of some final donations for this year's event.

What is Chase the Chill?

It's a pretty amazing organization started by a woman in Pennsylvania, who thought it would be great to help the community who can't afford new scarves, hats and gloves.

So she started taking those items and leaving them in the public places so those in need could be warmer in the winter.

Her idea has spread across the nation, including Rockford and Freeport.

This year's distribution day is Saturday, December 3, so you have until then to donate items to Chase the Chill so they can fill Rockford and Freeport with these winter warmers.

You can find all of the details on the Chase the Chill Facebook page.

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