Pretty sure all hotels should celebrate birthdays with deals like this.

Staying at a hotel is expensive.

Well, unless you want to roll the dice with a cheap Internet hotel site and risk gross sheets and wall stains... it can be pretty pricey to stay downtown in Chicago.

Unless you manage to be one of the people who will score this flash hotel deal at the Conrad Chicago Hotel tomorrow.

Yep, the flash sale starts tomorrow at 11 a.m. and if you're a quick clicker, you can get up to three rooms per night at the low rate of just $11.14, according to WGN TV.

The rooms must be booked tomorrow and used between November 15 and next March 31.

The best part is that the proceeds from the sale will benefit a charity, Youth Guidance.

You have to make a call to get the deal, 1-844-676-2522 and use the code: 1YEAR tomorrow at 11 a.m.

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