Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot asked local musicians to do their own rendition of Sweet Home Chicago, one artist chose to remake it entirely and it's great.

Sweet Home Chicago is an absolute classic. The tune was originally recorded by Robert Johnson in 1936. The melody is a blues standard that you can hear in many songs. It's pretty likely that the first time you heard it, was in The Blues Brothers movie, released in 1980.

I just discovered this video from Wyatt Waddell that he posted a month ago. He took Mayor Lightfoot's request to a whole other level. Since he posted it on Facebook on April 15, it has gone viral, and that's how I discovered it.

This is one very talented dude. And his song, Stay Home Chicago, made me laugh hard.

It's a pretty cool story; how he crafted and recorded this version of the song, watch his interview with WTTW's Angel Idowu.

Wyatt is the real deal and you should check out his Facebook page.

After writing this story, I realized that I've never heard Robert Johnson's Sweet Home Chicago from 1936. Look what I found on YouTube.


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