Chicago Bears fans have a lot to be excited about when it comes to the upcoming 2023/2024 NFL season. Could the team really be this good?

Chicago Bears Fans Have an Exciting Season Ahead

The potential the Chicago Bears have right now is a frequent conversation in my household. The moves that the organization has made since the hiring of General Manager Ryan Poles have, for the most part, made my wife very excited. She is the Bears fan in our home, and I like seeing her happy about the state of her favorite football team.

I should disclose that we're a divided household, I am a Green Bay Packers fan. I don't have a ton of optimism for the Packers upcoming season, but I'm thrilled that my football team has moved on from Aaron Rodgers.

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
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When my wife and I got the text this weekend that our fantasy football draft is not too far away, the football smack talk immediately returned. She loves to remind me that for the first time in many years, the Green Bay Packers do not have a hall of fame-level quarterback. She's right about that, right now we have no idea just how well Jordan Love can play. It's quite possible the Packers will not win a lot of games this season, but I'm holding out hope there are at least two games my team won't lose, the first of which is Sunday, September 10, when the Packers play the Bears on Week 1. By the numbers this year, you'd be foolish to bet against the Bears, but this rivalry is hard to predict.

Chicago Bears Win Predictions

One Illinois sportswriter made a pretty bold prediction that the Chicago Bears will not lose many games this upcoming season. In a tweet, Bryan Perez, who hosts the Beats Talk podcast, predicts that the Chicago Bears will finish the season with 11+ wins.

Whoa! Eleven or more wins? That's a big prediction for a team that was 3-14 last season. As one of my friends said, "That might be too optimistic."

My wife agrees with the prediction, but the team needs to stay healthy for that to happen. This prediction does leave room for a couple of losses to the Green Bay Packers, and that's all that matters to me as they might be the only games we win.

Buffalo Bills v Chicago Bears
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Be sure to catch all the Chicago Bears games on their new Rockford radio home.

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