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Quite a shocker all over Illinois today as Chicago announced that there are no plans for any fireworks for this summer's 4th of July celebration.

Most specifically we're talking about the fireworks you'll usually be able to find at Navy Pier each 4th of July.

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NBC Chicago confirmed that on Thursday July 4, there will be no fireworks lit from Navy Pier... but get this, the officials also said they historically don't shoot off fireworks on the actual 4th of July. Wait what?

According to NBC Chicago, the city spokesperson said Navy Pier generally sticks to fireworks on July 3 since there are so many suburban towns that host fireworks celebrations on the fourth.

Now here's the kicker, Navy Pier has two fireworks shows each week during the summer, every Wednesday and Saturday, which leads us to already having a July 3 and July 6 fireworks show scheduled for the holiday weekend.

So... is this really news?

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I am not sure, but I do know it's the hottest topic online in Illinois today, so I thought you might want to know.

Here in Rockford there will be at least two fireworks celebrations on the 4th, one in downtown Rockford and another at the Rockford Rivets stadium.

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