Things sure have changed since I went to prom back in 1997. If you wanted to go with someone you just hoped and prayed they'd ask and when they didn't, you probably wrote about it in your diary, cried a little and went with four of your best girlfriends. Or...maybe that was just me, but that's how I remember things. Want to go to prom? Just ask that person; in person.

Fast forward to 2016 and now there's these things called the internet and promposals and the like, and if you can't think of the most elaborate, viral way to ask someone to the big dance, you're probably going to get your first taste of rejection that will stick with you until your senior year of college. Ok, now I'm being a little dramatic.

If you or someone you know has plans to ask someone to prom any time soon, take notes, because this kid got Chicago Cubs' third basement, Kris Bryant, to ask a girl to prom for him. Lucky. (I may or may not have pretended that Kris was asking me to prom)

The lucky girl obviously said "yes."

Have fun you crazy kids.

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