Maybe it's the upcoming holiday weekend or the weird weather, but I think we can all understand the coffee struggle of this Chicago mom.

I pretty much only have myself to take care of but I'm still feeling Carrie's coffee crisis.

The weather combined with the anticipation of the final summer holiday weekend of the year has everything a little discombobulated.

Especially at Carrie's house filled with three little kids.

Carrie Morrissey VIA Facebook
Carrie Morrissey VIA Facebook

Carrie also said, ' I was in such a rush this morning trying to get three kids out of the house for a 7:55 school drop off! I looked forward to the glorious sip of coffee but the terrible smell of garlic hit me first! So no I did not try it, but I’m also out of coffee, and didn't have time to stop bc my three year old and 4 month old had a major poopliosion in the car all before 8:30 this morning! '

Garlic is one of my favorite spices, but I just don't know if it really goes with coffee and whipped cream.

We can get there Carrie, just two days away from Friday!

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