If it's not rats or bed bugs, this city in Illinois certainly likes to be at the top or near the top regarding pests.

Orkin must have something for the Second City; plainly, it's just a big town that draws much of everything.

I mean, Chicago brings in tons of tourists, so it should also bring in a grip of rats (the most in America for nine years running) and bed bugs (the most in America for the fourth year in a row), too, because even the pests want to see what the Windy City has to offer.

Beyond Bed Bugs & Rats: Chicago Earns Spot Among Another Pest Hotspots

The same goes for mosquitoes because it seems they also love Chicago.

Chicago skyline
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Orkin just released a list of the 50 most mosquito-prone cities in America, and yep, Chicago is right near the top.

Can't Escape 'Em! Chicago Makes Top 3 Mosquito Cities (Maybe the Rats Invited Them)

Luckily, they aren't at the tip-top but hovering in that number three range regarding mosquitoes.


Right before Dallas and Atlanta, Chicago is ranked third overall behind Los Angeles and New York.

Mosquito Paradise?! Another Illinois City Makes Shocking Appearance on "Most Mosquitoes" List

A couple of years ago, Champaign, home of the Fighting Illini, was on the list for most mosquitoes but somehow fell off.

One Wisconsin city was included, with Milwaukee as America's 41st most mosquito-prone city.

Check out Orkin's full list of 50 American mosquito havens when you can.

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