Big news from the financial world has impacted how we will refer to a ballpark.

Stay with me; remember the Chicago White Sox?

Yes, they are still a team that plays baseball in Chicago at what used to be called Comiskey Park.

Comiskey Park then became a US Cellular Field.

At first, the name change was resisted harder than a Walter Payton stiff arm, but eventually, fan sentiment softened, and folks started to refer to the place as "The Cell."

Eight years ago, US Cellular Field was renamed Guaranteed Rate Field.

Fast-forward to today and Guaranteed Rate Field is undergoing another name change.

From Guaranteed Rate to Rate: A Financial Shift

The Chicago-based mortgage company that shares the same name as the field it sponsors is also undergoing some changes.

Seattle Mariners v Chicago White Sox
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Guaranteed Rate is changing its name to Rate.

"Great, Guaranteed Rate is now just Rate."

Fan Recap says Guaranteed Rate "has evolved into one of the nation's predominant mortgage lenders."

Perfect, but Fan Recap also says, "The company (Guaranteed Rate) has faced economic challenges recently, with mortgage rates climbing sharply over the past two years, significantly impacting its business operations."

Hoping for a Turnaround: Rebranding for Success?

Because of that, Guaranteed Rate hopes that dropping the "Guaranteed" part of its name will change its fortunes.

What About the Stadium? Naming Rights in Limbo

How soon will that impact the Guaranteed Rate Field?

Fan Recap says not until after the 2024 season, as The Illinois Sports Facilities Authority, the group that owns the stadium and its naming rights, has yet to comment on the name change.

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