If you need some inspiration to live your life to the fullest, you'll find it in this Chicago woman's obituary. 

Life is hard.

We all have different things every day that discourage us, or make us feel like we want to walk around sad or mad or isolate in our homes.

Especially this year, with a pandemic that's taken over our lives since March, but it's still the only life we're getting and thanks to Stacy Oliver, we got a refresher.

Good Morning America just covered this story about a Chicago woman who wrote her own obituary once she found out she would not be able to recover from multiple system atrophy.

Stacy wrote:

Stop worrying about your weight, go live, be, do. Smile, people don't get to feel them enough. Enjoy the moment, it might not come again. If you want to do it, give something a try, try it, taste it, go there. Take it from me, I'm dead. Eat the danish, go to the show, laugh out loud. Love one another and you'll never know what you'll find.

Stacy died on October 4.

Her husband told GMA, 'Even though now is a tough time, I still see how she is affecting people and it brings me comfort. I was lucky to be in that sunshine for that long so I'm a pretty lucky guy.'

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