Well, the bad news is returning for Chipotle and their customers as a restaurant in Ohio had to be closed after a string of illnesses have been reported.

According to ABC7 in Chicago, "health officials said they received 368 inquiries related to possible foodborne illness stemming from the Chipotle location."

Lawsuits have been filed against that specific Chipotle restaurant with plaintiffs suing for $25,000 in damages.

After a tumultuous few years in 2015 and 2016, it appeared Chipotle had gotten past the reported norovirus, salmonella and e.coli outbreaks that plagued the popular restaurant across the country.

Where does Chipotle go from here? Maybe this is just an isolated case, but for customers, the news is definitely disconcerting.

While this current case is in Ohio, do you feel that would affect your interest in eating at a Chipotle in the Rockford area?

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