You've got to mess up something big and still have as many restaurants as this place has.

Despite knowing their troublesome history, I ordered food from this place less than a year ago.

Considering they haven't disclosed any shuttered Illinois locations in the past few years, they have reached the other side of their dilemma.

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I'm talking about Chipotle, and while people seem to be still eating at their restaurants, that hasn't stopped Clarify Capital from calling the fast-casual Mexican restaurant chain America's least trusted brand and tying for Sonic as the least trusted restaurant brand in the country.


If you don't remember, a norovirus outbreak occurred at a Chipotle in Boston, leading to over 141 people falling ill. According to Eat This, Not That!, Chipotle has also been sued by the city of New York for violating workers' rights.


Locally, reviews for Chipotle aren't that great either, further proving the public's distrust of the brand. Most complaints regard food quality, but a large portion takes issue with the service, or at the very least, courteous service.


I haven't experienced problems firsthand at any Chipotle location in the 815. Still, when a sizeable portion of the audience distrusts your brand, you need to do everything to ensure that customers are taken care of, and that doesn't seem to be the case. Chipotle should know customers are waiting for another reason to pounce on the brand.

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