You know those people who go out to eat and their order is SO complicated anyone with them just hangs their head out of second hand embarrassment? That's me at Chipotle. If I don't go with my usual burrito bowl, I get fancy. I LOVE their quesadillas. But they can be intimidating to order for a few reasons.

  1. They're not really on the menu
  2. They take a LONG time to cook
  3. If you want to add something besides meat and cheese employees can get squirmy

However, if I'm really feeling like a quesadilla, I'll go out of my way to make a small scene and order one. But now they might actually be making their way to the main menu. Delish details -

Chipotle CEO Brian Niccol previously told Business Insider that quesadillas are customers’ top-requested non-menu item. BuuutChipotle hasn’t added quesadillas to the official menu because heating up all of those orders would slow down the speedy assembly line they've got going on. Well, Chipotle’s digital-only menu items have been a success, and BTIG analyst Peter Saleh pointed out to Business Insider that having a second assembly line for digital orders (which Chipotle is reportedly looking into) could open up the possibility of getting quesadillas into the mix.

It sounds like it will happen within the next year. Hey, maybe if I keep ordering them enough it'll make the whole thing happen quicker.

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