It's way too early to celebrate Christmas, but for one day you do have to think ahead if you want to score Aldi's advent calendars. 

The minute the clock strikes midnight on October 31, some people think it's time to celebrate Christmas. I am not those people. There is still another giant holiday we need to enjoy before we deck the halls, however, there is one reason to put Christmas on your mind on November 1st, that's when the Aldi advent calendars go on sale. 

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Fine, you got me, Aldi.

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Here's the thing, you can buy a fun advent calendar almost anywhere these days, but the special thing about the Aldi calendars is that they're cheaper. Yes, that's it. You probably can find a more delicious wine calendar at Binny's, Macy's, maybe Target?

You absolutely can find a chocolate filled advent calendar that will excite your tastebuds elsewhere, but you'll pay a lot more. Which is why there's usually a big crowd before each Aldi store opens on advent calendar day.

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That's why you have to be prepared and know what you want before you get there!

Aldi's 2023 Advent Calendars

  • Barissimo Coffee Advent Calendar ($13.99)
  • Bay Island Hot Sauce Advent Calendar ($14.99)
  • Beer Advent Calendar (24 12-oz cans, priced in store)
  • Choceur 24 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar ($8.99)
  • Choceur Chocolate Advent Calendar ($1.49)
  • Compound Kings Slime Advent Calendar ($16.99)
  • Emporium Selection Cheese Advent Calendar ($16.99)
  • Huntington Home Candle Advent Calendar ($29.99)
  • Lego, Marvel or Star Wars Advent Calendar ($39.99)
  • Lego City or Friends Advent Calendar ($29.99)
  • Make is Sparkle Sparkling Wine Variety pack (6 bottles, priced in store)
  • Merry Moments Advent Garland ($9.99)
  • Merry Moments Mini Puzzle Advent Calendar ($9.99)
  • Moose Toys Bluey Advent Calendar ($19.99)
  • Moser Roth Luxury Chocolate Advent Calendar ($15.99)
  • Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Advent Calendar ($24.99)
  • Pokemon or Cocomelon Advent Calendar ($29.99)
  • Pure Being Dog Advent Calendar ($7.99)
  • Wicked Grove 12 Days of Cider ($18.99)
  • Wine Advent Calendar (24 bottles, priced at store)
  • Zuru Mini Brands Advent Calendar ($26.99)

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The Aldi locations in Rockford and surrounding towns open at 9 a.m. on November 1st and close at 8 p.m.

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