It happens every month, we get a bill from ComEd and my wife and I look on in amazement.

Why? Because the bill is massive. We've got a big family, so I get it.

This also happens every month, we get a Home Energy Report from ComEd mentioning how much electricity we used compared to others living within a one-mile radius, and my wife and I look on in amazement.

Why? Because the amount of electricity we use compared to every family in the neighborhood is massive.

Like I said earlier, "big family", but seriously, I know for a fact there are much bigger houses and much larger families than hours that, just presuming here, consume more electricity than we do.

Because of it, I'm inspired to do better. I change my furnace filter monthly, make sure unused appliances aren't plugged in. I mean, my wife went out and bought an energy efficient washer and dryer.

And month after month, boom, we're still using a ton of energy, meanwhile my neighbors not so much.

How is this a thing? Is ComEd scamming us? Probably not. After all, they're sending letters hoping we'll use less juice. Are they legit trying to make us feel bad?

I've talked about this energy letter from ComEd to other people and each one of them, you guessed it, also consumes more electricity than everyone else.

Is this a thing? Is there anyone who actually consumes less electricity than their neighbors?

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