Add this to the list of things you didn't know you needed. You can now purchase a turkey head mask for Thanksgiving.

Halloween is great and all, but Thanksgiving is the best holiday of all. It's all about food and shopping and of course, watching Friends episodes.

Every Friends fan knows that part of your Thanksgiving weekend must include a Turkey day Friends marathon.

Sometimes I skip the Geller Cup episode, or the one with when Underdog gets away, but you know which episode never gets skipped? THE ONE WITH THE TURKEY ON THE HEAD!

Ok, so that's actually called, 'The One with All the Thanksgivings,' and it's the season five Thanksgiving episode.

I will take this moment to tell you that my absolute favorite Friends T-day episode is 'The One Where Ross Got High,' which was in season six. But the turkey on the head is a close second.

I can't even look at this photo without picturing Monica oddly dancing and Chandler saying, 'you're so great, I love you.'

Yep, in case you aren't versed in Friends, Chandler first told Monica he loved her when she was wearing a turkey carcass on her head.

This one you can buy for your Thanksgiving is plush and probably does not smell.

They also make a plush stuffed Monica turkey that you can heat up to keep you warm this fall, which I find both weird and amazing.

I could go on and on about why we all need one of these this holiday season, but I'll let the clips speak for themselves.

You know, Joey wore it first right?

Ok, I have to go to work now. Feel free to call me or message me about Friends all day every day.

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