Chicago Cubs pitcher Craig Kimbrel has been the stuff of dreams for fans, this season. The team is about to honor him with a special game-night promotion.

In 2019, game-closer Craig Kimbrel signed three-year deal with the Cubs for somewhere north of $40 million. Due to some injuries, the first two years were less than stelar. Craig will be going into the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, so the hope was it will get better. And that's just what has happened.

To date (6/24/21), Craig Kimbrel has pitched 29.1 innings and holds an astonishing 0.61 ERA.

Craig Kimbrel AKA 'Dirty' Craig is a 100mph Pitching Beast

On Tuesday, June 20, Craig moved into a tie for 9th place on the all-time saves list at 368.

He regularly hurls 100+ mile-an-hour fastballs, but it's that pre-pitch stare that I enjoy watching so much.

It's about time Craig gets a night like this.

On Wednesday, July 7, there's a unique gift waiting at Wrigley Field for the first 10,000 early arriving fans...

A Craig Kimbrel Grow-a-Beard Kit

This isn't the first time Craig has inspired a beard-growing plant giveaway. A Google search turned up a giveaway at Fenway Park when Craig won a World Series with the Boston Red Sox.

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Chicago Cubs
Chicago Cubs

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