I grew up with the Chicago Cubs.

I mean, I lived down the street from them as a child. Growing up inside a tiny garden apartment near the Elston and Addison intersection, Cubbie blue was deep in my veins.

That said, there are lots of fans who are new to Cubdom, and that's great.

Winning a World Series helps (yay, 2016), and Chicago, basically being the best big city for hundreds and hundreds of miles, also brings in folks from states where their best town (looking at you, Michigan and Indiana) barely measures up with Naperville.

Wild Card Game - Chicago Cubs v Pittsburgh Pirates
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Those are the folks I'm talking to. The ones who don't know Gary Matthews was The Sarge, Ryne Sandberg's name wasn't Ryan, and Mark Grace smoked cigs in the dugout.

That's why I "loosely" curated a list of five things you do before, during, or after attending a Cubs game.

Rule #1. Leave the Chicago White Sox stuff at home.

I suggest burning or throwing out the stuff, but if you must keep your discounted Chicago White Sox garb, leave it on the South Side, OK?

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Rule #2. Know the players. Better yet, embrace a random, lesser-known player. 

Last year, Jared Young was our guy for a few weeks at Wrigley Field. He hates us now because the Cubs let him go, and he signed with the archenemy Cardinals in the offseason. Find someone like Jared Young and love him. Mike Tauchman is a good pick for 2024.

Rule #3. Stop looking at your phone.

I get it; Insta and Snap are life, but take a few pics before and then watch the game.

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Rule #4. If you're driving to Wrigley Field, use a parking app to help secure a space.

Only saps drive around looking for street parking or, worse yet, going to a garage.

Get used to the idea of overpaying for parking because everything at Wrigley is expensive.

Unless you got the tickets for free, you should be OK with it.

That's why paying a few extra bucks for a reserved space at Wrigley is the best way to ensure a seamless visit.

Rule #5. When you walk up the tunnel from the concourse, breathe in through your nose.

Florida Marlins v Chicago Cubs
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The smell of freshly cut grass and the air surrounding Wrigley is burned into my sensory memories.

I wish I could pass it on to people who have never made the pilgrimage to the Friendly Confines, as long as that person leaves their White Sox stuff at home.

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