Time to catch a case of baseball fever. Cubs Spring Training in Mesa, Arizona has begun. Here's what you should be watching for in week one.

Let's call this the first Chicago Cubs hype video of the season. Being buried under more snow makes this moment so much sweeter. In the Arizona warmth, our Boys of Summer are ready to get to work. This year I'm so excited to finally have the opportunity to visit Sloan Stadium for a game.

While the team won't officially start start working out pitchers and catchers until Wednesday, the traditional press conference with president Theo Epstein, general manager Jed Hoyer and manager Joe Maddon happens today. Besides the standard bullpen and lineup questions, Kris Bryant's health, new lefty Cole Hamels and Joe Maddon's soon ending contract may also be topics brought up during today's press event.

Be sure to check out chicagotribune.com for full coverage of today's press conference.

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