It's pretty much a forgone conclusion that Jon Lester is done pitching in a Cubs uniform. Regardless of what happens next, he wants to buy us a beer first.

At four different bars, all on Division Street in Chicago, Jon Lester is buying fans their first Miller Lite beer, to say thanks "for the past 6 years." Chicago bars and restaurants are returning to outdoor and carry-out service only, for the foreseeable future.

Jon tweeted out his offer on Friday morning, and from now until Sunday, the first Miller Lite is on him.

So here's the hook up... until Sunday. Cubs fans can head over to Hopsmith, The Lodge, Butch McGuire’s and She-nannigan’s, and again all of these places are located on Division Street, to enjoy a Miller Lite on Lester while dining outdoors.

According to, since the pandemic began, 5,000 Illinois restaurants have closed permanently.

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