I want you to take a moment and think back to when you were in junior and senior high school and it's picture day. You loved it because you got to put on your best outfit that mom bought just for school pictures and you couldn't wait to get your packet full of pics from Lifetouch so you could pass them out to your friends; but the process of getting that prized gem of a memory was so painful.

You'd wait in line for what felt like hours, only to be placed on a spinning stool and instructed to do fifty million things to get the perfect shot.

The photographer would say things like, "Ok now, go ahead and put your feet on the x, and just turn your body towards me this way...and adjust your shoulders so they facing the other direction ever so slightly, chin down...ok...now tilt your head to the left; look at me and smile." It was painful.

The Chicago Cubs, however, make picture day look like it's a breeze and a lot more fun.

NBC Chicago shared some of the best moments from their photo day at spring training camp and they're better than all of your grade school photos and mine combined.

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