People ask me all the time if I plan on having more kids and without hesitation, I would always say, "no way;" but that was before I found out that Chicago Cubs diapers were now a thing.

Ok, so it's not a legitimate reason to have a baby, but if you're a die hard Cubs fan who has a child in diapers then these are a must-have for your little slugger.

According to, Jessica Alba's "The Honest Company" has partnered with Target to sell the appropriately titled "Born a Fan" collection that also includes MLB teams like the Dodgers, Cardinals and Yankees.

The diapers will be available starting May 1st online and in participating Target stores.

Don't have a baby but plan on having one in the near future? I'd think about stocking up now could do what I plan on doing - buying some to put on my dog. He's gonna hate me.

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