Do you remember that feeling in your stomach when you knew you were in a world of trouble? I just experienced that while looking up online shopping shipping dates from some of the big stores in the Rockford area. Guess what? I should not have procrastinated. Are you like me? That last thing you want is to be stuck outside waiting to go into a store to purchase those items you should have bought months ago. And, yes, all these stores are open, there is still time to avoid them.

Here are some of those deadlines you might want to take note of,

Amazon: December 21 (Prime members), one-day delivery for items purchased on December 22nd.

Best Buy: 11:30 A.M. December 17 by 11:30 am

Kohl's: 2 Day Shipping, order by 1 pm (CST) on Tuesday, December 19. 1 Day Shipping order by 1 pm (CST) on Wednesday, December 20.

Old Navy: December 20 at 11:59 p.m. PST

Target: Order by 1:00 pm on December 21.

Walmart: December 19 for free 2-day shipping, December 20 for standard.

Remember, all these stores also have in-store pick up options, too.


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