We've all asked the question, "what does Daylight Savings do?" Well, I wanted to know because it's still in effect in Illinois.

What does Daylight Savings do?

"The idea is to move an hour of sunlight from the early morning to the evening, so that people can make more use of daylight." [nytimes]

Some countries don't touch their clocks at all.  I've never understood why we do it in America, but others countries don't.

It could be that turning clocks back could actually be more harmful than we think.


5 Potential Dangers Of Daylight Savings In Illinois

#1: Difficulty in memory and focus 

Disrupted sleep can always make us feel groggy or taking longer to process information.

#2: Worsen depression, anxiety, and overall health

I get the worst seasonal depression and horrible anxiety already, so entering winter months with a time change just makes it 10x worse.

#3: Social jet lag could develop

Even though it's a smaller time difference, it's still a change we're not used to all the time.  Being jet lagged is not fun, so your social battery will be thrown off!

#4: More motor vehicle collisions

More accidents occur in the morning after the time changes than any other time of day.

#5: Disrupt sleep cycles

Our internal clocks are so used to a routine, so trying to adjust to a new schedule is always difficult and exhausting.


Read More: Plan Ahead: Here's When We Change Our Clocks Back In Illinois 

I know this has been an ongoing debate to keep things as they are, so I'm curious to know how you think Daylight Savings affects us; positively or negatively?

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