If the idea of President Trump makes you physically ill, let love rule. With this app, Find your Canadian soulmate and flee north of the border.

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If Donald Trump is elected president in November, our country will change, of that there are no doubts. But if that change is something that makes you want to get the hell out of here for Canada, there's only one way do it well. You should be single, but it's not required. If your spouse loves President Trump, ditch 'em and get yourself a Canadian lover. Spend the rest of your life watching hockey, drinking stronger beer and celebrating Boxing Day but don't forget that Nickelback is from Canada and they probably still love them.

Speaking of Nickelback and Donald Trump, you should totally read this hilarious story about a survey where Trump was found to be less popular than Nickelback, the DMV and lice.

How do you meet your Canadian hottie you ask....

The Maple Match dating app. That's how!

“Make dating great again,” reads the slogan from Maple Match, which promises to “make it easy for Americans to find the ideal Canadian partner to save them from the unfathomable horror of a Trump presidency.”

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The site hasn't been launched yet and already there are more than 5000 people ready mingle... online, according to the Guardian.

Get yourself on the waitlist today by clicking here.