You've successfully dodged the commercialism of Valentine's Day. You're single and feeling like the couples are the ones being scammed. Guess what?

Just because you're single for Valentine's Day may not mean you don't want to be in some sort of relationship. This holiday is actually a pretty good time to find someone new to chat with on a dating app. And right there is where this scam warning is something you need to hear. You may just be trying to feel a spark with someone to put you in a better mood, and the reality could be that the other person could be setting a great big trap for you to fall into.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) says you need to make sure you've got your guard up, because this is exactly when scammers will try to steal your personal information. the dating apps will be ripe with unsuspecting singles, like yourself, and you need to be sharp.

Those who intend to steal identities are good at what they do, so remember, your best defense is a good offense. The BBB suggests you always reverse image search photos of potential matches to make sure you’re speaking with your actual match, and be very cautious if you take your conversation private and your potential love interest starts asking for incredibly private information or they attempt to jump from getting to know you to madly in love in the blink of an eye. That last part is sketchy even if their not an identity thief. The bureau strongly recommends stopping all communication if you suspect catfishing. If that happens, be sure to flag the account with the dating site.


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