Have you ever wondered what Sir Elton John’s “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from The Lion King soundtrack would sound like if it had been re-recorded by Ozzy Osbourne? Or maybe you’ve always loved the title track from Beauty and the Beast, but thought that Angela Lansbury’s genteel vocals would sound just a hair better if she had the shrieking warble of a demon veering down the highway at 90 miles per hour — you know, like if the artwork from a heavy metal record came to life. If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions or, “What would it sound like if Dokken covered The Little Mermaid?,” then Disney has the album for you.

It’s called Metal Disney, by the D-Metal Stars, and it’s out in stores and on streaming services (like Spotify) today. The group is comprised of Obsession vocalist Mike Vescera, Ozzy Osbourne bassist Rudy Sarzo, Obsession guitarist John Bruno, and Dokken drummer BJ Zampa. A new feature published by Rolling Stone takes readers inside the making of the album, officially licensed and produced by Disney, surprisingly enough — or not, for those familiar with Nightmare Revisited, the 2008 album of covers celebrating the 15th anniversary of the beloved crossover-holiday classic, which collected new versions of the film’s iconic tunes sung by artists like Fiona Apple and Marilyn Manson.

Metal Disney isn’t exactly new. It was originally released last fall in Japan, where it was a massive hit, quickly climbing to the third spot on Amazon’s rock and metal charts, and the second spot on the kids charts — again, not surprising in the least, as metal is huge in Japan (Google “Baby Metal” and you’ll see what’s up). But unlike a Marilyn Manson cover of a kooky Danny Elfman track from an animated film produced by Tim Burton, these metal covers of iconic songs from classic Disney movies are not exactly what you might expect…and yet, they are exactly that.

Like this version of “Beauty and the Beast”:

Head over to Spotify, where the D-Metal Stars will show you a world…SHINING! SHIMMERING! SPLENDIIIIIIID! (Soul-haunting guitar wail that echoes through the halls of your mind until the end of tiiiiiiime, or at least until the end of this song.)

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