The tradition of making gingerbread houses started in the 1800's. Seems like a little bit of an outdated tradition doesn't it? I think 2020 is the perfect year to create a new holiday tradition. Let's be honest, do you ever even eat the gingerbread house? No, it sits and goes stale until you eventually feel like tossing it.

It's 2020 - if we put in all this effort into making an edible house, we should get to eat it. What's something that EVERYBODY has been eating this year?


Charcuterie boards! We definitely have Tik Tok to thank for the trend. They've always been a thing, but some people just make them look SO GOOD. Just look -

Accounts like this are super popular. A lot of people have charcuterie boards on the brain this year. So I present to you, your new DELICIOUS holiday tradition - Charcuterie Chalets.

These charcuterie chalets make me feel the way lady gaga felt in that one interview when she said all of those amazing adjectives.

Like I said before, these chalets are truly the best of both worlds when it comes to this holiday tradition. Sure it's fun to have your gingerbread house sitting on the counter getting stale. But wouldn't you rather make a house made of meat and cheese you can eat right after you take the perfect Instagram picture?

Sounds like the perfect new holiday tradition to me!

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